Temperament of Toy Poodles

Temperament of Toy Poodles

Sweet Disposition, Eager to Please, Intelligent

Poodles are very special dogs. They will never consider themselves mere dogs, but they think that they are part of the family! Get used to talking to them -- they are excellent in reading your body language, voice intonation, and hand gestures. In a short time they will be understanding what you say and will be more like a person than a dog.

  Temperament in Toy Poodles

Our dogs love to be petted and to be in our company. They hate to be left alone. When we buy a poodle we should never forget that they are companion dogs. If circumstances prevent us from being around them for many hours, it is better to have more than one so they can keep each other company. They will follow you around the house and make sure that their eyes are on you.

Some poodles bark a lot and are emotionally unstable. That is why careful breeding is so necessary. We at Abounding Poodles breed them to have a good, affectionate, and devoted personality as well as to meet the AKC standards. They are VERY intelligent animals and easy to train; that is the reason why so many circus dogs are poodles. Our dogs were very easy to housebreak.

Our dogs love strangers, are very friendly, and never bark at you once they meet you. I would not breed a bad-tempered dog because it can be passed onto the babies. There have been whole lines of dogs known for their particular mood.

Doggie toys are favorites because they love to play! One of our poodles loves to fetch a ball. The other loves his squeaky toys. They bring their toys to bed with them and sleep with them sometimes. While they are teething (up to 6 months old), it is good to give them raw hide toys since their gums itch and chewing helps them out.

Poodles are extremely sensitive and they can detect your mood very easily. They get happy when you are happy, but sad when you are down. They adapt well to a diverse group of people of different ages. Due to their small size (around 3-8 lbs), Toy Poodles should be watched when around small children. They are easy-going companions and can be a great entertainment for people who live alone.

These are very affectionate and loyal dogs and they are inseparable companions for the whole family.