Our Males

Our Males

AKC Grand Champion "Burt"

Burt earned both his Champion and Grand Champion titles very quickly as he accumulated his victories in the show ring. Beautiful inside and out, Burt is always happy and so tender - a real lover, so affectionate.

AKC Champion "George"

George is a real sweetie and loves people and other dogs. He always picks a buddy to be with. George is a size-reducer and tends to produce small puppies.

Abounding "Frodo"

Frodo has been imported into the AKC from South America in order to bring his beautiful and strong red coat color into our lines. Frodo is very playful and happy-go-lucky. He is always the first one to come running when called. Wonderful temperament and beautiful face.

AKC Champion "Amen" (Retired)

Amen gave the best hugs a dog could give. He absolutely loved being groomed. He would stand still and was such a great little grooming model that he was used in some Grooming Competitions.

AKC Champion "Valentino" (Retired)

Valentino set the pace and a high standard for our Abounding Poodle family. The name fit him well as he was a real lover. He would not spare doggie hugs to anyone who came to visit! The perfect lap dog. Valentino ranked in the Top 10 Toy Poodles in the USA in 2006.