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Buying a Puppy

We at Abounding Poodles strive to produce quality Toy Poodles that are good specimen of the Poodle Breed according to the AKC Standards. Nothing we do is an accident, but each puppy is a result of careful breeding for optimal results in health, compliance to the AKC standards, intelligence, sweet temperament and good disposition.

Abounding Poodles are not money-making machines. They are our children. As a matter of fact, a careful breeder will spend as much money on their dogs if not more than they earn from litters born. These expenses come from vet bills, thorough health testing, quality care and living conditions, AKC Dog Show competitions, dog handler fees, and the list goes on. In purchasing an Abounding Poodle, you get a quality dog from tested lines.

In buying a dog from a backyard breeder or a pet shop, you don't know what you are getting. There is more to quality breeding than having cute puppies. We carefully study the pedigrees to raise puppies that are better than their parents. This takes time, research, study, care, love, and dedication. We occasionally use studs that complement our poodles' weaknesses so we can bring those desired qualities into the Abounding lines.

We do not operate a kennel with caged dogs. To the contrary, our Poodles are hand-raised, loved, and cuddled from the time they are born. We only have as many dogs as we can care for personally. By the time our puppies are ready to go to their new homes, we know their personalities and what they will be like.


Shipping is available from the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport.

Pre-Screened Families Only

We are VERY CAREFUL to sell our puppies to APPROVED families only. Please follow the following steps to be placed on a Waiting List or to be considered as a candidate to purchase an Abounding Poodle:

1. Please fill out the Poodle Placement / Home Evaluation Questionnaire.

2. If approved, a $500 non-refundable* deposit can be made in order to hold a particular puppy. Once this deposit is made, the puppy will be marked as "SOLD" and will no longer be available for further inquiries by anyone else. This can be done by a personal check. If no puppy is available, you will be placed in a waiting list that gets priority in the next litter. A deposit is not necessary in this case. *The deposit can be refunded if the puppy is found to have any health issues when they are thoroughly examined by a vet at the age of 6 weeks.

3. The remaining balance must be paid before shipment or at the time of delivery of the puppy.

Health Guarantee

Each puppy comes with a 48 hr. Health Guarantee against communicable diseases and a 1-year Health Guarantee against congenital diseases (please read the terms at the Health Guarantee page). "Customer Support" will be there for as long as the dog is alive. An additional 60-day Health Insurance is also available with each puppy at the time the new owner registers the animal with the AKC.

Understand that these are our children and we love each one dearly. If you need us for anything, we'll be here for you. We would be more upset than the new owner if something bad happened to an Abounding Poodle.

Please take a moment to read a copy of the Abounding Poodle's Sales Contract.

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