Responsible Breeding of AKC Champion Toy Poodles

Puppy Availability

Please Contact Me for Availability

We place quality above quantity and usually have puppies only twice a year. Our puppies are DNA Tested and OFA Certified for the most common genetic diseases and conditions in Toy Poodles. All litters have at least 1 AKC Champion parent. Please visit our Articles page to make an educated decision and avoid the pitfalls of the Backyard Breeder! The possible colors are white, red, apricot, or black. We do not produce "parti poodles" as they are outside of the official AKC Standard for Toy Poodles and a disqualifying trait in the show rings.

Age of Adoption

All puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age AND weigh 2 lbs or more in order to be adopted. Shipping is available.

  White Toy Poodle Litter  

We occasionally have retired (spayed or neutered) adults or rescue toy poodles that we may be looking to place in a good home. The price for these dogs will vary but will be a nominal fee just enough to cover any vet expenses incurred to bring the dog up to date on vaccines, spay and neuter, or dental procedures. These dogs do not come with the Abounding Poodle Guarantee and their age can be from a few months old to a senior canine. Please contact me for availability.

Cost of Puppies

A careful breeder will spend as much money on their dogs if not more than they earn from litters born. These expenses come from vet bills, thorough health testing, quality care and living conditions, AKC Dog Show competitions, dog handler fees, and the list goes on. In purchasing an Abounding Poodle, you get a quality dog from tested lines. You can buy a lot of "cheap" dogs from a Backyard Breeder who does not invest money into their breeding stock. You won't know what you are getting, and may end up paying thousands of dollars in vet bills later after you have fallen in love with the puppy.

  Show Toy Poodle Puppy  

This is not the time to hunt for a bargain. Your new puppy will be a member of your family for its lifetime. Make a wise investment in the quality and health of your dog and you will almost guarantee fewer veterinary bills in the long run.

We price our puppies taking in consideration the type of contract and registration (full, limited, or none), their genetics, conformation (pet or show quality), age, and size. Generally females and tiny / teacup poodle puppies are more expensive. You can expect to pay around $2000 for a high quality and well-bred pet anywhere. Our prices will vary as explained above. We may also sell to carefully picked show homes or to a consciencious breeder with full registration under a different contract and price. Please contact me to know what I have available at that moment and their prices.

We have a page that answers most of your questions about the procedures we follow for puppy placement, how to get on our waiting list, Health Guarantees, etc. Please follow this link.