About the Toy Poodle Breed

Male or Female?

I have raised sheep, goats, donkeys, and dogs. In every instance, the neutered male is generally gentler, more playful, and affectionate. I will always keep a neutered male in my home with me to just hang out as my buddy. If you are looking for a pet, I'm partial to the males (read more...)

Pet Quality vs. Show Quality

What is Pet Quality? What is Show Quality? (read more...)

Official AKC Toy Poodle Standard With Pictures

One thing I don't like in Toy Poodles is the big, bulging, bug-eyes. But there are a lot of other things that the official AKC standard calls for. Here is a wonderful reference page with pictures. Find out what a Toy Poodle is really supposed to be (read more...)

Responsible Breeding vs. Backyard Breeding

In the context of this website, "Backyard Breeding" does not refer to a geographical location, but to the type of amateur breeder who is clueless about the ethics of breeding responsibly and who produces puppies who are substandard. Serious resputable breeders don't breed for the money but to improve the breed. Find out how we choose our dogs at Abounding Poodles (read more...)

Questions to Ask a Toy Poodle Breeder

Just called a breeder recently who advertised in the newspaper for her "show quality" toy poodles. After talking to her for 2 minutes I knew that she had never been to a Dog Show in her life. She also had no clue about the genetic diseases in her bloodlines and was charging mega-bucks for her puppies. Abounding Poodle puppies are not available all the time, so we decided to teach you how to shop for a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder (read more...)

Choosing the Right Sire and Dam for a Breeding Program

There is more to breeding responsibly than just getting 2 cute dogs together! Find out more...

Temperament of Toy Poodles

Even though the way a dog is raised does influence their overall disposition, temperament is largely genetic. That's why the Pit Bull is known to be aggressive, the English Bulldog is known to be stubborn, and the Poodle is known to be circus dogs, smart to learn new tricks (read more...)

What Is the Purpose of AKC Dog Shows?

Dog Shows encourage breeders to improve a breed through friendly competition. The gene pool found in AKC Champions is the best for promoting the Breed Standard. They are the cream of the crop (read more...)

Why Should You Register With the AKC?

The American Kennel Club has been around since 1884 and provides support and a standard for all pure-bred dog lovers (read more...)


Why do you give your dogs that funny hairdo? Are there other alternatives? (read more...)

Health Concerns

Every breed has its own sets of genetic diseases that are passed down through the parents' DNA. Fortunately with advance in technology, more of these genes have been isolated and are now testable. A "mutt" is not necessarily a safer or healthier dog - you just don't know what issues a mixed-breed dog may carry (read more...)

Housebreaking the Puppy: Crates, Method, etc.

All our puppies come "pre-housebroken." That means that they are trained to keep their bed clean and go potty outside. However, they will still need to learn "your house." In our opinion, the best way to do this is through Crate Training (read more...)

What Basic Things Will I Need For My Dog?

There are several things that you'll need to properly care for your new dog. A bed, a leash, a toy, and some grooming tools will come handy (read more...)

What About Tear Stains?

My adult dogs are either dry-eyed or have light tear stains. However, after speaking to several canine ophtalmologist (eye specialists), certain external conditions may still cause staining to occur (read more...)

How Do You Leash Break the Puppy?

A Toy Poodle puppy can be leash broken quickly, usually within 3-4 days. Here is how (read more...)