Our Females

Our Females

AKC Champion "Georgia"

Georgia is always in a good mood, easy to get along with, everybody's friend.

AKC Champion "Sierra"

Sierra is spunky and won not only in the dog shows, but also as a model at some Grooming Shows.

AKC Champion "Sabrina"

Sabrina is a real sweetie. She smiles (humbly shows her teeth) when she sees people.

Abounding "Diva"

Beautiful show quality female, daughter of our Ch. Georgia and Ch. Valentino. Sweet temperament.

Abounding "Cali"

Cali is a beautiful show quality light apricot female, super-friendly, loves people and other dogs.

Abounding "Juliet"

Juliet is a show quality female, sweet and very athletic. Loves to jump and exercise.

AKC Champion "Mercedes" (Retired)

Mercedes was lovely girl, had a great show dog career but at the end of the day she just wanted to be a lapdog.

AKC Champion "Macarena" (Retired)

Macarena was such a sweet dog, she aimed to please with all her heart. She loved chasing the ball.

CBKC Champion "Magnolia" (Retired)

Magnolia was very self-assured and certain of herself. She was also very proper. She would beg to get back on someone's lap as soon as she was put down on the floor.