Leashbreaking Your Dog

Leashbreaking Your Dog

Poodles are so smart and are so eager to please. You can have your 2 month-old puppy walking on a leash in less than a week.

How This Leashbreaking Method Works

I happened to learn this by accident when I was a teenager playing with my new Toy Poodle puppy. After wrestling with her for a few days, I got tired, gave up and dropped the leash. I didn't know how easy this would be!

Basic Steps to Quick Leashbreaking

1. Puppies have an instinct to follow you. As you walk, they will be right at your heel. Put a collar and leash around his / her neck. DO NOT use the retractable leash as it is too heavy... just use a cheap nylon one.
2. Walk around your house as the puppy follows you while dragging the leash behind him / her the whole time. Do this for about 10 min. Just be careful so the leash doesn't get snagged somewhere (watch video here).
3. Pick up the other end of the leash without the dog noticing it and continue to walk with the dog following you.
4. Repeat this process for about 3 days or so. You will see that your dog is probably 100% leash by the 4th or 5th day. If he / she still resists walking with the leash, repeat Steps 1-3.