Health Concerns in the Toy Poodle Breed

Health Concerns in the Toy Poodle Breed

Every breed has its own genetic issues that must be kept in check. The Toy Poodle breed is no different. While science can not detect ALL issues passed down genetically in any species (not even in humans), some tests are available for canines. At Abounding Poodles, we take advantage of the latest genetic tests available to screen out any undesirable genetic defect in our bloodlines. Where genetic tests are not available, our dogs are carefully selected through the study of their history and pedigrees on both sides. (Note: a mixed-breed dog is not necessarily safer or healthier than a pure-bred dog. With a "mutt" the genetic issues are simply UNKNOWN).

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-prcd)

1/3 of all Toy Poodles are carriers of this gene that causes blindness. Abounding Poodles adult males and females are DNA tested and offer Optigen pattern A or B. With our careful breeding, our puppies will not affected by this blindness gene (read more...)

Patellar Luxation

Many Toy Poodles have knee cap problems that can result in crippled dogs (read more...)

von Willebrand's Disease

10% of all poodles are either carriers or affected by this blood disorder similar to Hemophilia. Up to date we have never produced a puppy with this disorder and have screened at least 1 parent from every litter via an expensive DNA Test. Vetgen provides more information on this (read more...)

Yeast Infection in the Ears and Tear Stains

Please read our Grooming Page for help with this.

Teacup Toy Poodle Health Issues

Most breeders produce "teacups" resulting from inbreeding (mom and dad may be siblings or parent-child). Here at Abounding Poodles, our "teacups" result from outcrosses where mom and dad are not related at all (read more...)